Protecting Business Operations Against Unexpected Challenges

The coronavirus lockdown has forced many companies to rethink their business model and how they prepare for challenges. Our Chelmsford business centre customer, Kaizen Consultancy, have not only adapted the way they provide their services to sustain their business operations during the current, short-term challenges, but have mapped out how they will continue this process for years to come. Whilst supporting their customers’ shift to the new normal, they have also been adapting to working from home themselves.


Working to continue business as usual


Kaizen Consultancy Ltd has provided affordable quality management consultancy for businesses for over 15 years, helping them achieve ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) accreditation. This includes providing management strategies for quality, environmental, health and safety and information security management. Their service often requires them to travel to client sites to work with customers and help them to build their management systems – a process that has been halted by the coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

“As we haven’t been able to visit our clients, we are now using remote working tools such as Skype, Zoom, Dropbox and Huddle to support our clients,” says company director Tony Catchpole, continuing, “this has been well received by our clients as we can work around what suits them. And, of course, it’s kinder to the environment.”

By adapting to and embracing technology, along with their clients, the team at Kaizen Consultancy is moving towards a remote service for ISO, along with remote ISO Certification, as the new normal.

“Working from home is fine and we have everything we need,” comments Tony. “However, something that is hard to get used to is the lack of interaction with the other Waterhouse Business Centre users.”


Working through challenges posed by coronavirus


When asked about challenges during the lockdown, Tony admits: “Finding the best tech to solve the problem – and at speed too – was definitely a pressing issue. The best strategy is to embrace the change we are in and use it to drive the business forwards.”

The Kaizen Consultancy team has invested in Huddle as a platform to enable their customers to share documents with them, work remotely together and ensure data security, proving there are benefits to thinking forward and adapting to new challenges. Tony has seen the lockdown more as an opportunity than a threat, and has been innovative in finding new ways to use remote working as a means of helping businesses with their ISO management systems.

“I’ve learnt that change has to be embraced, and it’s vital to adapt so that you can grow,” explains Tony. “There are only certain things that are in our control and sometimes a positive attitude is the only way – perception is all there is!”


Offering services to key workers


During the crisis, Kaizen Consultancy has been among the many businesses that have stepped up to help key workers and charities where they can. By developing a COVID-19 risk assessment, along with policies and procedures, the team has enabled key workers to continue working safely. Kaizen also offers training and guidance on the best practices throughout the situation.


Looking beyond lockdown


Kaizen-Cloud-LogoKaizen Consultancy’s new remote resource, Kaizen Cloud, has enabled them to bring in new business remotely. “In the next three to five years we will continue to offer our services through our remote portal, Kaizen Cloud, encouraging our clients to work with us remotely,” says Tony. “For us, the future is remote working – it’s a strategy our clients appear to like, and it makes our service accessible to any size business in any location.”

Tony plans to amplify the level of service provided by Kaizen by working in partnership with 360 Certification Ltd, which offers independent ISO management certification, enabling Kaizen Consultancy to offer a one-stop solution for any business that wants ISO accreditation, from consultancy right through to final certification.


How Capital Space will aid business post-lockdown


But even though Kaizen Consultancy is restructuring to focus on a virtual offering, keeping a physical office will have important benefits for its continued success: “It will be useful to keep our office as a hub for Kaizen Consultancy. The office and on-site meeting rooms create a professional platform for the business.”

The Covid-19 crisis has forced all business to rethink their operations in the short term. Analysing these adaptations and taking some of the benefits forward will enable some businesses to strengthen their client offering, creating the foundations for future success. But it’s important not to throw the baby out with the bathwater – even a virtual-based business can benefit from the professional platform provided by a physical office.

by Siobhan Stirling – Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space

Owner/Director – Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

28 May 2020

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